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Preparing Your Plumbing For Fall

While summer is drawing to a close, fall is right around the corner! We’re all looking forward to the festivities of the season, including apple picking and marshmallow roasting. Your home is about to become flooded with holiday traffic in the upcoming months, and you’ll want to make sure your plumbing system is prepared for the new season.

Before you pull out the fall decorations and pumpkin-scented candles, make sure that your home’s plumbing is in tip-top shape. When the colder temperatures arrive, and everything continues to run smoothly in your home, you’ll be grateful you took the extra time to show some additional care to your plumbing system during this transitional period.

Inspect the Water Heater

Few things in life offer the same comfort as a hot shower on a chilly fall day. This fall season, don’t let a water heater issue stand in the way of your comfortability! Inspecting your water heater before the season starts is critical if you want to catch minor problems early on. The earlier a water heater problem is found, the quicker you can have your hot showers back.

Start by checking your water heater for any signs of damage or deterioration. Keep an eye out for rust, leaks, and scale buildup, as these are signs that your water heater requires professional attention.

Turn Off Outdoor Plumbing Fixtures

While we utilize our garden hoses and sprinklers plenty of times in the summer, when fall rolls around, it’s time to adjust your outdoor plumbing fixtures in preparation for colder temperatures.

Make sure to wrap up all garden hoses to store away for the fall and winter and turn off your sprinklers. Suppose a hose is left attached to an outdoor faucet. In that case, water can freeze in both the hose and pipe, increasing the possibility of water damage.

Check for Leaks

You probably spent a considerable amount of time outside this summer, soaking up the sun and creating fun memories with the family. But when it’s time to head back indoors for the fall season, you may notice a couple of leaks or drips.

Every homeowner tries to avoid the headache of a spiked water bill, and the best place to start is by thoroughly inspecting the home for leaks. Prevent spending excessive amounts of money on water this season by checking all toilets, pipes, sinks, faucets, and showers for leaks.

If a leak is left unattended, there’s a high possibility that your home could suffer from severe water damage. Anything from a leaky faucet to a leaky toilet can spike your water costs and pose a risk to the structure of your home. The second you notice a leak, contact your team at Red White & Blue HVAC and Plumbing for assistance!

Don’t Forget Your Indoor Plumbing Fixtures

After you’ve thoroughly inspected your home for leaks, it’s time to show some extra attention to your indoor plumbing fixtures before fall makes its arrival.

Ensure your toilet is running correctly, fixtures are free of rust and mineral buildup, and that no components have fallen victim to wear and tear. When the busy holiday season is here, you’ll be glad you took the extra time now to ensure your fixtures are in good working order!

Professional Plumbing Services in Corona

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