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Plumbing Fixtures Worth Splurging On

Plumbing fixtures (faucets, showerheads, sink sprayers, tub faucets, and all the elements that go with them) are some of the most crucial pieces of plumbing in your home. As a homeowner, you should make sure these pieces are always working correctly and contributing to a positive home environment.

Why are Upgrades Worth It?

Any time you make a wise investment in your home, the return will come back to you. Though small in size, plumbing fixtures are no different. When selling your home, you’ll get more interest in fixtures that are newer and more efficient compared to ones that may be older or falling apart.

And while using new fixtures, you’ll get efficiency and water-saving benefits. More modern fixtures are built to achieve better water usage than older models, which results in a lower monthly utility bill.

Plus, when you want to give some new life to a bathroom or kitchen space, upgrading your fixtures is an easy, controllable way to do so.

Also, pay attention to if your fixtures need upgrading. If you notice rust around the fixture, leaks around your sink or plumbing connections, or higher water bills, it may signal the need for an upgrade. Contact a plumbing professional for an expert opinion.

Rooms that deserve a splurge

This one is pretty simple — think about rooms where you’ll host guests or want an enhanced experience for yourself. Your master bedroom is a prime example of a splurge opportunity.

Consider how many times you use your shower each year (hopefully at least once per day), flush your toilet, wash your hands, or fill your tub. This is your go-to space for both self-care and comfort, so you’ll want your plumbing fixtures to be as effective as possible.

When designing or renovating your home, you should probably also put some attention to the guest bathroom and kitchen, both common places for you and your guests. Don’t let plumbing fixtures get left behind.

When someone enters the guest bathroom, they may look at the design of your tiles or color scheme, but they will be using your toilet, sink, or both, 100 percent of the time. It’s an opportunity to show your style off to friends and family while also providing them a quality experience.

We’re splurging on quality

When we say splurge, it’s not as easy as picking the most expensive showerhead or faucet. Price is not always indicative of quality, ultimately what we want in any of our plumbing assets.

When shopping for new fixtures, start by establishing your necessary wants, like size, water distribution, features, etc. Then graduate to your style. Look for styles that might fit well in your space while holding all the essential elements. When you are ready to make a purchase, keep an open mind for different fixtures that check your boxes while also achieving good quality.

Quality means that the fixture is efficient. In the case of faucets or showerheads, does it waste or conserve water? Is the material durable or liable to break down after a couple of years? These are questions for the professional helping you install these fixtures.

DIY vs. Installation

Whether or not you can install plumbing fixtures depends on the complexity of the device you choose, your space, and your skills as a DIY-er. If you are concerned about installing something correctly or making sure all the features you paid for are operational, don’t hesitate to call your local plumbing expert.

Corona Fixture Installation

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